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The wide variety of sex toys for men

The wide variety of sex toys for men published on

We all hear that girls have shit loads of sex toys such as dildos, double dildos (in case 2 girls want to use it together), plastic cocks, etc … well, I am here to tell you that there are sex toys for men also. Quite a lot!

Let’s start with sex dolls. These are great as they look exactly like real girl and have features such as vaginas, assholes and mouthes. You can insert your cock in all of them, also you can touch and suck their nipples. What you do with them is your choice.

Then there are fleshlights. They look like tubes with one end looking like vagina. You insert your cock and you can usually put it all the way because because these tubes are usually longer than your cock. They are great masturbators that can be conviniently and easily hidden.

Vagina and ass masturbators – these are similar to fleshlights. They look like girls ass and vagina, no upper body or legs though. They usually look like a lovely ass with 2 holes – one for asshole and the other – vagina. So you can do both – vaginal and anal sex.

Face masturbators – they are exactly like vagina and ass masturbators – they are girls’ faces with open mouth. You can kiss it or you can fuck it. It’s completely up to you.

Cock rings – cock rings are rings that are used to be hanged somewhere or firmly placed so you not need to use hands to masturbate. They are like rings, various sizes, really depends on your cock size.

Plastic dicks or dildos – believe me, even men use plastic dicks or dildos to ride them. It makes men feel differently than usual sex. Having something cold being inserted into your anus while mastubating or fucking real girl or sex doll is absolutely astonishing.