The FNHMA offers an educational program leading to the Certified First Nations Health Manager (CFNHM) professional designation.

The professional designation begins with five courses in the Certified First Nations Health Manager Program (CFNHMP). The courses are based on the First Nations Health Manager Competencies, and information about each of the courses can be found below.

This program and the courses are for you if you are working in the field of First Nations health management or aspire to a career in this area.

Many employers will encourage their employees?to enroll in the CFNHMP, and will assist with the?cost of course tuition. Many employers will also assist?with annual membership dues to the FNHMA. Additionally, inquiries in regard to educational assistance?can be made with Aboriginal Affairs and?Northern Development Canada, Health Canada?and a number of other federal and provincial?departments and agencies that promote and?support educational activities.

Where interest and numbers exist, a course may?be delivered in a five day intensive program with?pre- and post- activities. The intensive courses are?delivered over a nine week period with a five day?on-site session.

The intensive course fees are aligned with?other professional development associations?and the intensive delivery format provides our?participants with:

  • Opportunities to network with other?Health Directors/Managers,
  • Dialogue, discussion and learning from?others,
  • Support from instructor and?participants,
  • Group problem solving, and
  • Enhanced opportunity for mentorship?and coaching.

The intensive courses provide the?opportunity for networking, on-site support,?group work, and enhanced discussion for an?enriched learning environment.

Currently, FNHMA is offering the following courses in an intensive format:

  • Course 300 – Health Management Services 1, Winnipeg, MB, May 29 – June 2, 2017
  • Course 500 – Professionalism, Ethics and Cultural Awareness, Saskatoon, Sk, June 19 – 23, 2017

Register for an intensive(s) today by completing a course registration form or contact our office for more information!

Our online courses in the CFNHMP are?delivered and offered in the fall, winter or?spring/summer session. Each online course is?delivered over a 12 week period.?The typical sessions are:

      • Spring / Summer – May 15, 2017 to July 28, 2017
      • Fall – September 11, 2017 to December 1, 2017
      • Winter – January 22, 2018 to April 20, 2018

Individuals taking our online courses will need access to the internet, e-mail and a computer on a regular basis. The courses are available online 24/7. Each course follows a weekly schedule to enable discussion of lesson material in the discussion forum. You will have the ability to share resources, best practices and experiences with other participants and the instructor that will directly benefit the work you do every day.?It is up to you to decide when to participate in the discussion forums, but it is recommended that you set aside course time to ensure you keep on top of course your workload. If you know you are going to be busy or away, you can work ahead or catch up when you return. A student typically spends 10 hours per week, but this can vary depending on your experience level in a given topic area, and may increase leading up to an assignment due date.?Twenty percent of the course mark is assigned to participation in the discussion forum.

Each course also requires the completion of two assignments, with two fixed deadlines. For these assignments, you are encouraged to act as a “consultant” for your organization, which means your course work has immediate and practical application your organization. There are assigned questions in the discussion forum that will help get you thinking about your organization. The balance of the mark, eighty percent is assigned to the assignments.

The instructor will offer guidance and feedback for assignments and monitor and as required, contribute to the discussion forum.

Individuals that are unable to leave their community for any length of time, who are comfortable with the internet and who have some social media experience will find this format a convenient way to take a course.

Register for an online course(s) today by completing a course registration form or contact our office for more information!


Course 200 — Leadership and Strategy

The key topics of this course are: leadership; problem-solving and decision-making; working with people; working with change; strategy formulation; strategy implementation; strategy evaluation; accountability; performance management, and; policies.

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Course 300 — Health Management Services 1

The key topics of this course are: understanding community needs; program and services development; program and project management; program and services evaluation; continuous quality improvement; risk management; benchmarking, best practices and innovation; advocacy, partnerships and relationships; community engagement, and; program communications.

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Course 400 — Health Management Services 2

The key topics of this course are: the people of human resource management; the practices of human resource management; meeting management; negotiations and dispute resolution; financial and management accounting; funding and proposals; funding and reporting; technology; information and knowledge management, and; general operations.

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